Job Openings:

Program and Education Coordinator: 

The Hosanna School Museum is a non-profit, public history site dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Harford County and regional history through the lens of African Americans. Hosanna is responsible for two Freedmen’s Bureau schools built in 1867 that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Hosanna School is located in Darlington and the McComas Institute is located in Joppa. In collaboration with the Executive Director and other staff or board of directors, the Program and Education Coordinator would be responsible for the development and implementation of public programs and other activities that promote both museums and their missions. Please send cover letter and resume to info@hosannaschoolmuseum.org.

Applicants must possess the following skills:

  • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree (or Associate degree plus equivalent experience) in History, Sociology, Anthropology, or Museum Studies. A Master’s Degree, or one in progress, is a plus
  • Knowledge and interest in local African American history is a plus
  • Have strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills
  • Have strong research skills
  • Have strong organizational skills
  • Be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint or Adobe Creative Suite. Have basic familiarity in the use of Excel and Publisher.
  • Be knowledgeable with the use of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter)

Employee would perform the following duties:

  • Maintain regular museum hours for the public. Greet and receive museum visitors by phone, in person, or by e-mail; and conduct museum tours.
  • Set up for museum events (chairs, tables, food)
  • Conduct research and assist with the development of exhibits, bus tours, and other public programs
  • Conceptualize, plan, organize, and implement educational programs including hosting school groups coordinated with curriculum, exhibits, tours, speakers, films and the visitor experience. This will be done in collaboration with the Executive Director and committees and individuals of the Board of Directors
  • Organize, digitize, and file archival documents
  • Assist with the development of marketing and public relations material, including press releases, blogs, and social media
  • Negotiates Performance Contracts for Public Programs
  • Develop materials to assist in grant writing and reporting
  • Develop methods to evaluate program offerings
  • Assist Executive Director in preparing reports to the Board of Directors and grant funders
  • Attends local, state and national meetings as directed to represent the museum
  • Assist with set up before and after events
  • Become knowledgeable of Harford County resources including area museums, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Reports directly to the Executive Director
  • All Other Duties as assigned
  • Up to 20 hours per week at $15 per hour

Mission Statement:

Education has traditionally been an extremely effective vehicle for connecting generations, for passing on the heritage, values, and mores of a society. The Hosanna School was built upon this premise; it was the first public school for African American’s in Harford County, Maryland. The school stands as a symbol of our history that is not widely known. The planned programs will provide an opportunity to share the rich heritage of our diverse society and foster an awareness of, deepen understanding of, and an appreciation for that diversity.

In implementing this mission, the Corporation (Hosanna Community House, Incorporated) will sponsor exhibits, speakers, displays, and other events that portray the bountiful contributions made by African Americans and a variety of ethnic groups. These programs will be open to the public regardless of sex, race, creed, age, national origin, or disability. Programs will be made possible through grants, public and private advocates and supporters.



Image of Hosanna School Museum

Hosanna School today

The building of Freedmen Bureau schools was mandated by law across all of the former slave-holding states for the purpose of educating the recently freed African Americans.

The property upon which Hosanna stands was first owned by a free African American man named Cupid Paca.  In 1822 Paca bought fifty acres of land running from Berkley into Darlington.  When he died, his holdings were divided among his surviving children.

In the mid-1800’s, Cupid Paca’s son, James, sold 1/4 acre of his share of inherited land to be used as “a school house lot.”

The Freedmen’s Bureau funded the construction of a two story frame building which was used as a schoolhouse, a community meeting place, and a church. In 1879 the operation of the school was assumed by the Harford County School Commissioners.

In 1907 the school building was actually condemned for use as a school.  Still, Hosanna remained active as a schoolhouse for local African American children until 1945.

In 1948, Hosanna Community House, Inc. was formed by African American men in the community so that they could continue to have a community meeting place. In the late 1950’s, Hurricane Hazel sheared off the top floor of the building. The corporation, with its limited funds, preserved what was left of the building by placing a roof on the remaining structure.

After these repairs, the building was once again used as a community center, particularly by The Boy Scouts.  In 1983 the corporation received funding from the State of Maryland to stabilize the building.

Actual restoration of the remaining floor of the building began in 1993.  A grand opening and dedication of the partially restored Hosanna School took place on September 10, 1994.  Restroom facilities and a handicapped access ramp were also added. In September of 2005, the restoration of the second floor was achieved. After several stages, it now stands as the original two-story structure.

Hosanna Community House, Inc.’s main goal is to preserve and share this landmark and the history and culture associated with it, as unique in the history of Harford County and of the United States of America.


Hosanna works with several organizations in the community: Harford County Government, Harford Community College, Hays-Heighe House at Harford Community College, Harford County Public Library, Havre de Grace Boys & Girls Club, Hosanna A.M.E. Church, Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, and the Maryland Humanities Council.


Executive Director: Iris Leigh Barnes

Museum Assistant

Board of Directors


President: Sharoll Williams-Love

Vice President: Joyce Bransford Byrd

Treasurer: James Thornton

Secretary: Donna Lewis

Financial Secretary: Tom Owens

Parliamentarian: Agnes Minor


Doris Carey

Eugene Chapman

Patricia Cole-Barfield

Mike Dixon

Barbara Mobarak

Christine Tolbert

Contact info:

Mailing Address:

PO Box 305

Darlington, MD. 21034

Physical Address:

2424 Castleton Road

Darlington, MD 21034

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