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Resource Center:

The upper floor of the Hosanna School Museum is named the Berkley Room. It contains a pictorial history of the Berkley community as well as over a dozen tape-recorded oral history interviews of long-time residents of the area, former students of the Hosanna School, and two former Hosanna teachers.

Non-Lending Library

A non-circulating collection of books on African American history, the Civil Rights Movement, as well as a few works of fiction by black authors are available for use on the premises. There is also a growing collection of DVD documentaries on the Civil War and on the African American’s struggle for freedom and equality.  Several Jumbo Scrap Books contain an ever-growing collection of newspaper clippings that are pertinent to contemporary citizens of note, and local events affecting the people of Harford County, Maryland, and the Hosanna School Museum. A vertical file of magazine articles is also available for on-site use.

The lower floor of the Hosanna School building is set up as an early Twentieth Century one-room school with vintage school desks, original slate chalkboards, potbelly stoves, and hooks for the students’ coats in the vestibule. There are even some initials carved in the support posts put there, most likely, by idle students. Display cases showing a few household artifacts from the early 1900s are also there on display. The ambiance of the schoolroom never fails to awe visitors.  It is a step back in time!

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