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Available for a limited time.

Items delivered directly to your door:

Support us from wherever you are. You can have the items in our Juneteenth SHOP delivered directly to your door.

There are no quantity minimums. 

Proudly display your support. 

Celebrate with Us!


Each year, Hosanna School Museum is planning to offer a special selection of commemorative items that celebrate Juneteenth and feature our unique Hosanna design. 


This year's theme is "Celebrating the Black Family: Representation, Identity, Diversity." We adopt the annual theme of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), the organization that founded Black History Month.

We wanted to introduce the official Juneteenth Flag. Learn more about the symbolism in the Juneteenth flag. In our design, the Black family is celebrating as they look towards a brighter horizon of more equity and inclusion that radiates across the globe.

T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, towels, and more--you can choose and they are delivered directly to your door. Or you can have them sent anywhere as a gift.

Hosanna School Museum Store. This beauti

Visit Our On-site Museum Store for Unique Items

This antique showcase was generously donated by one of our supporters

Browse through our selection and find a variety of gifts that celebrate our history and honor our legacy. Selection includes:

On-site we offer notecards featuring an 1890’s class photo of Hosanna students and teachers, T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the historic schoolhouse prior to renovations; books including A Journey Through Berkley Maryland: A Tapestry of Black and White Lives Woven Together Over 200 Years at a Rural Crossroads co-authored by Constance Beims and Christine Tolbert and Lest We Forget by Velma Maia Thomas; children’s books and historical bulletins featuring the history of segregated schools in Harford County; mugs; pens and more.

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